Have you tried everything to shift stubborn fat but haven't achieved your desired results?

95% of dieters fail because diet and exercise only shrink fat cells…


Your fat cells are like small balloons - when you diet and exercise, they shrink… But as soon as you eat again they easily grow back!



The ‘CryoSculptor machine’ is a non-invasive, pain free system that helps freeze the fat away.



Put an end to that vicious dieting and book your treatment Cryosculptor Nottingham online today.


About CryoSculptor


The CryoSculptor Fat freezing Machine delivers precise, controlled cooling to target unwanted fat cells in problem areas. The fat cells are crystallised (frozen), destroyed, then within weeks your body naturally processes the fat and eliminates your dead fat cells, resulting in a more contoured you.

The CryoSculptor Fat Freezing Machine also includes TheraLight technology which actively helps reduce the size of fat cells, study's reveal that when the sun's blue light penetrates the skin and reaches the underlying fat cells the actual fat shrinks and is naturally released from the cell walls. That's why in the summer we tend to lose weight and the winter we tend to gain weight.


Combining fat freezing along with TheraLight technology the results are taken it to a whole new level.



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