About Us

We are Cryosculptor, a team of experts providing revolutionary fat freezing treatments. We built our clinic on the foundations of providing a reliable and painless alternative to traditional fat loss methods. Our heartfelt desire is to get you slimmer with just one procedure.


Founded in Nottingham, we strive to boost our clients’ confidence and add definition to desired areas. Through our unparalleled commitment, we have been delivering one-of-a-kind ‘cryolipolysis’ treatments. We always aim for complete customer satisfaction and deliver powerful results within 6-12 weeks of the treatment.

What We Do

We provide fat freezing treatments to help you achieve the look you have been waiting for years. Our professionals use a treatment method called ‘cryolipolysis’ – defined as a procedure that uses a handheld device to freeze fat cells below the skin. It is a safe and innovative practice designed to be the most non-invasive and painless way to eliminate fat.

The science behind the process uses frostbite as a base to form the approach. Experts have found that fat cells freeze before your skin does, allowing a safe methodology that freezes and eliminates fat cells before skin and tissue damage. We have developed a machine known as the Cryosculptor Lite that harnesses the power of this unique practice, and we apply it to any flat area of concern under a qualified and trained supervisor.

Our Mission

To eliminate fat cells from the body, ultimately delivering a seamless experience that boosts your confidence.

Traditional fat reduction methods can take their toll both mentally and physically. Our mission is to provide a safe service that allows you to reduce fat in an impressive timeframe.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide innovative treatments to our clients - all FDA-approved and tested. We want to deliver holistic results to communities in need of fat loss options outside of traditional methods. 

Our Values

Safety, reliability, and satisfaction are our core values. Cryosculptor ensures practices that adhere to every safety protocol to comfort any concerns about our methods. We deliver a service that you can depend upon to achieve the slimming results you are craving - all with just one treatment. Our professionals uphold our values to the utmost priority.

Why Choose Us

Our innovative approach to fat reduction commends as being a revolution in body definition. The procedure does not intrude or bring any pain - only reliable fat loss results within 6-12 weeks after treatment. The team at Cryosculptor is here to look after you all the way, keeping you informed through the entire process and happy to answer any questions. We are the ultimate slimming option that meets all your needs.

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